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Stellar Estate Services LLC (SES) is a service company assisting families, luxury property owners, realtors, Estate executors, trust lawyers, assisted living administrators, retirement residences and clients of distinction in the sale and distribution of personal assets. Our business is helping others through life’s transitions such as downsizing, divesting, debt, divorce, or death in an efficient, discreet and elegant manner. 


We are a full service company and we assure that the entire process, from researching items to packing up the home after the sale, is done with the utmost accuracy and respect for our client’s property. We strive to handle all issues surrounding liquidation of property and we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services to our clients. We do this with expertise, loyalty, courtesy and empathy to our clients as well as a commitment to making the complex process of liquidating an estate as simple as possible. The personal property is sorted, appraised at fair market value, photographed, advertised, sold. Unsold items are in most cases donated to a non-profit 501-C organization. 


We are forward thinking using new technologies and market trends to aid our clients. We continuously set new standards for estate liquidation excellence and strive to deliver more than our clients, associates and customers expect.


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We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Venmo, Zelle. 


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Habla Español


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express. 


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